July 6, 2015

Post Trip

Had no idea that coming home to "normal" life would be such a drastic and fast thing once morning hit! I literally slept 3.5 hours and Avery woke me up cause she was told I was home! I was so physically tired but so touched to see them that I couldn't be mad. This past week has been interesting. My mother in law was gracious enough to come and help Matt and they both did an amazing job with the kids and the house!!!! Every one was alive and well fed. So coming home I thought that I would change a lot about our day to day and I would have these profound thoughts that I would share and give away all my stuff.....yeah not so much when you wake up to four hungry kids who just can't believe you're home and want to know some details but really just want breakfast and diaper changes and the toy their sibling has and taking one to the bathroom just cause I'm home,etc. So I have had to work really hard to create space to process what I've experienced and luckily God has given me mental space to do so at times this week and through my kids and Matt who experienced the same trip two years ago I feel much better about entering back into the whirlwind of life. I've come to realize that it's not about all the change you make or stories you tell, but how you fell more in love with Jesus and what He's about. He is working amongst great odds in Nicaragua and using Vision Nicaragua and awesome people to do so. I am very thankful to have been a tiny piece of His work. If you want to learn more about what their doing please visit and find many ways you can very affordably change the lives on men, women and children who need our support. Some takeaways.... If the beautiful girls we worked with for several days can follow after God and keep themselves in school and on the right track and live with not much at all surely I can make wonderful and worth while things with my life as well. I can stop shrinking God to a small box and just allow Him to be as huge and amazing as He is in my life and those I come in contact with....oh yeah and just share about what He's up to like they do not just when I think the person wants to hear it and won't reject me ;) They don't need our money so they can have more stuff. We need to come along side them and see what they really need to live well in their culture and society. Many of them are happy with the way things are and truely love Jesus with their whole heart. As I've been tempted to just purchase things this past week, I've thought "do I really need that" and "I'm sure the Nicaraguans just make do with what they have they don't just buy a new contraption for convenience. And every time this stopped me from my purchase whether to think on it more or just realizing I don't really need it or what I could do to bless them with the money, I've been richly blessed by God's peace and comfort in knowing I'm on the right track. More to come....

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