June 23, 2015


Can't probably do justice to all the things where God has already provided and taught me. Our group found out while we were checking in that we couldn't take the large totes we had packed full of supplies!!! Not good but God had our back and were able to get her suitcases from spouses and get them back to us just in time. We were literally the last ones on the plane but with five minutes to spare😉 nice try satan!!! God has shown up in a very tough situation with a sick man Guadalupa. He became very sick and now into kidney disease but found out that the social security/ health plan Vision Nicaragua was helping him with was one that does t cover dialysis which is needed for him now and he would have to wait til October. He needs blood as well and the hospital doesn't have it so they have to go to Red Cross and find some. Also his social security money that he should get as a small supplement while he is truly sick and can't work as much is now convienently not available either. So with a terrified wife and brother who also worked the cane fields, at the front porch of the mission house trying to figure what to do with Ron we had the chance to pray over them and ask for favor and guidance over them all. What a pleasure to be right here and see and participate in what God is doing here. The people come and live with "nothing much" in our eyes but yet they have so much. They have each other, many have Jesus and their church family and activities. They are so thankful for anything they get. They are clean amongst the dirt floors and little soap or cleaning products. They take each day as it comes And just enjoy what they have. So amazing to get to see the special needs school and play with them and know there is a good place for them to go to school with teachers who truly love them. Or today seeing our first medical clinic where a small child came who needed to go to the hospital cause she had a high fever and vomiting over and over and be cause we were there she got a ride to the hospital that she might not have been able to get other wise. Or this afternoon during the clinic where we get to see over and over how content the kids are to just watch play or hang out with us and absolutely love anything we pull out. Hoping I can take that home with me. That I am happy with what I'm given and not always looking for the next thing to satisfy me.

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