May 2, 2017

It's really been 2 more years!!

These kids are getting WAY to big and I have not much record of the craziness that happens in a normal day. So tonight at 12:09 I will add some stories of just today. Cause waking up in less than seven hours sounds awesome! D and S have a thing where they whisper in my ear when it's been a hard day or they just want to be the favorite again, "You're the best mom EVER!" They love that I smile so big and feel good again. Selah knows she needs to do a lot of this since she has now decided peeing is toilet optional after months of no accidents!!!! Or that she always has another reason why I shouldn't be done and walk out of the room at bedtime. She can literally go to the bathroom 3 times and make something come out each time or sit til it does! Gray hairs here we come. Schooling has been really good this year. I'm sure we could have covered more and I could have been more patient etc, but hey we gave it our best shot and learned a ton about US History (I should say I also learned a ton I had forgotten). Homeschooling is literally like being in a circus. Most of the time, a spelling lesson, reading lesson and counting to 100 is going on all the while the now 3 year old is getting into something or make a creation out of way too much glue! Seems like its either all spinning well or falling to the floor. #blessthisbeautifulmess G has come a long way with her reading and therapy. She asks often if she will always struggle to read and it breaks my heart cause I would do anything to take away the struggle, but I know and see already how God is using it. He has brought us to so many people to encourage along the way. He has taught our family a lot about dyslexia and special needs. Through this I appreciate Grace so much more. THe things she can do well she can really do well. Her brain is so intuitive with life things and situations where you have to think on your toes she has you covered. She also has all her siblings covered even when they don't want to be covered. Several months back, G started her own dog sitting business which has been thriving. She is paying for her horse shows all on her own. She fell in love with horses last summer and has been hooked ever since. A has been hard at work this year with her tumbling and cheer. She is loved by all for being a determined and sweet girl. I am so proud of that hoping that she always uses her athletic talent to bring honor to the Lord. But because things come easy to her, this year has been a struggle to train herself in how to work and work at something that doesn't come easy. She is the pulse of our home. I love that I get to walk so much of life with her instead of wondering and sorting through all the emotions she would havebrought home with her. We have lots of deep conversations about life and what's going on in her world. You always know right where she stand and where you stand as well! I have dove in head first to sharing my love for Young Living oils. I am so thrilled to be helping so many families to a better health. I can't say enough about the journey to believe in myself again and believe I had something to offer. God has shown up in so many ways in the last year in regards to proving Himself worthy of my trust. It's funny how all of a sudden I feel sentimental in life. Looking at things and thinking "wow, things are flying by and will I remember what it was like?" Will I be able to tell them funny stories or what each of them were like? I sure hope so and hopefully this blog helps jog my memory. Excited to see what this summer and year holds. Matt will go to Nicaragua this summer. I so want to with him, but I'm hoping to take G next summer for the first time :).


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