January 16, 2015

Winter update

Yep, it's been so long that the browser forgot where this was. Life is full and different everyday. I wanted to record things about the kids more often but it's just not always happening. Grace-I tell here and there right before she goes to sleep that no matter how good or bad of a day she has had I love her no matter what no more or less. So a few times she has tried to rephrase this and say it to me. Tonight she said, " you mean the most to me no matter what and Daddy and you are the most important to me no matter what." After a very long week of Matt having the flu and now Selah having a head cold, that is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you Lord for speaking through her ;) Avery- Matt has been sick from Monday til today Friday. Monday night she realized that when he came home from work and wasn't coming out of Drew's room where he had been quarantined she would miss her tickle time before bed with him. It was a long week for her. She checked on him several times a day making sure he was taking his oils and making sure he didn't need anything else. Then tonight as we are playing on the basement and daddy joins us she looks up at me and says, "does this mean we can tickle with daddy?" She was so excited to go hit him to get it all riled up!!! Drew- has a sweet way if complimenting things lately. He may see a baby and say four or five times "she's cute mommy!" He is talking all the time and very good and changing your directive statement of what he is not to be doing to a statement about what he IS going to do!!! Needless to say he is finding out even cute 2 years get disciplined. He is coming around but it is a shock to mommy and daddy cause he has been so sweet and compliant befor now. Oh well, we've been down this road! Selah- she is simply a delight. Even with a 102.3 temp today and snot running down she is so pleasant and loves to say MOMMA MOMMA all day long! So for that she can have ANYTHING she wants!!!! Fourth times the charm! She has been social from the get go. My only child to go with me to several meetings and girls nights first because it would be easier for daddy but secondly cause surely she would just sleep.....NOT!!!!!!....she was amazing at staying awake the second she realizes something is going on. Now she wasn't a pain cause she is so sweet but geesh were on my time sista! Homeschooling is going well for this stage of the game I'm assured by others ahead of me!!! Grace is working hard in reading and addition and studying Genesis. Avery is now at home for pre-k to help with less caious and isn't always sure she needs to be homeschooled cause the IPad is way more times I'm sure it is, so we're working in more craft and video learning to help her transition. Splurged on the Reading Rainbow app and so glad I did. It's a huge hit for break time while I'm working youth the other girl. app is another hit! I'm so glad I ve been running into and having time with other homeschooling moms with older kids than mine. They have been incredibly encouraging that whatever I am accomplishing is great and keep remembering they need to know you love them and let them learn certain things as their ready not when you are! I have tons of stories I could tell about how things crash at moments showing our house 13 times in 7 weeks while homeschooling and letting 4 children live in it!! They still love to crowd any toilet or shower I'm in or phone I'm on....unless the ipad is free:) I get told a lot how cute and well behaved they are and they really are. They just like to let loose for me here and there! We've been studying Shepharding a Child's Heart with dear friends and loving it. It was an extremely long few weeks getting starting with setting up new expectations and disciplining appropriately. I feel like we are on our way to having a much better handle on what God expects out of us and how to strive towards turning their hearts to Jesus. Cause really that's what matters. Not what their learning at school or how many verses they memorized but the way they are living for The Lord. ****im using the glorious ipad....which means I can't edit my typing very well for some reason and because I want to say ten million things tonight! I'm typing too fast to catch things SORRY!!!*** The days are long but the years are short is a phrase that is ringing in my head so much lately. It's so true Grace is so tall and so mature. She was just three a day ago!! Selah is 8.5 months which is very close to a year which is close to NOT BEING A BABY ANYMORE!!!!! What that means I won't have any babies to snuggle....oh and trust me she isn't a snuggler when she is sick and it's 2am she wants to sit straight up and chat!

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