January 21, 2015

how we're rolling right now

Just cause I'm getting back into it I wanted to post some fun pics of our craziness lately cause of sickness and winter blues. I turn to fun stuff after I freak out :) Well and because she is just soo cute!!! Because when you are just not going to accomplish any more in a day, daddy is upstairs sick in bed, they have snacked way too much already, and there aren't many great lunch let them make pizza!!!
We have really been enjoying Art for Kids Hub videos. I REALLY like how Grace's turned out when she tried Elsa. She started out by saying it was terrible but realized that if she stuck with it would be fine and I'm glad she did.
Cause this is what you do when your dentist sends you home with supplies since your daddy is home with the flu!!!
This lactose intolerant doll of mine got to go on a chocolate factory tour and realized they make dairy free dark chocolate!!!! She was so thrilled cause she knew at the end they were going to be making chocolate and she REALLY wanted to be able to eat it.
Cause this is what you do when you are a two year old boy who is done with what mommy instructed him to do. "Mommy, I painted circles!" (not bad I might say! You can tell he has sat watching SEVERAL finger nail painting sessions!)
You can't always make Avery do things right when you want her to when it comes to school, but many times she will surprise you and work on it quietly and shock you at how well she does it. Disregard Drew's top layer of scribbles. She was working on using all lower case letters (which she says she can't do!)
Oh yeah and I love going two days fever free from all of them and then two of them waking up not feeling well and a high fever from one! Luckily oils and lots of rest kicked it but dang I'm sick of watching them cough!

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