May 15, 2014

Written a few weeks ago.... Quite the arrival

So last Thursday I went in for my normal check to find out I hadn't really progressed but still very uncomfortable and having random contractions. So dr Weber offered for me to come in Monday and see if I was any more favorable and then he would break my water and see what happened. I was so thrilled that there might finally be an end insight. It was also Drew's bday on Monday so it would be fun for them to share...we'll see what they say about that in a few years. So we went in and I had progressed but not much but my blood pressure was high and so he said let's go ahead!!!!!! So we head over and about 10am they get me all fixed up and break my water. Now the dr and nurses told me things could take quite a while and I should have a baby by dinner time. I realize man that's going to be a long day of wait....what's that a contraction??? Holy moly that ones's 10:40... And contractions have begun and they are strong. So by this point they had unhooked me and said I could walk thanks this hurts enough just sitting here. So I start tracking the contractions on my phone...8min, 8min, 7min, 4min...I'm in labor folks and!!! When. The nurse came back in to see how I was and make sure I knew to let her know when I wanted the epidural cause the anesthesia guy was busy in the OR for at least 30more minutes. I assured her iwas ok and I wanted to wait til I was checked again to make sure I had made some progress since at 10 I was only 3cm. Then another huge and strong contractions hit about a minute later and I had changed my mind I needed him to head my way as soon as he could. So she checks me a few minutes later about 11:45 and I'm a 6. At this point she leaves me to laboring to go checking the ORR and get the nurses ready cause she realizes this girls going it too have a baby soon. I'm just sitting there thinking oh my 30min plus numbing time is a LONG ways away at 3min apart. So I start saying my ABC's and anything else I can think if to bear through these intense contractions. So by 12:30 my dr comes I again to be informed that this baby is coming and let me one that the pain relief is still 30min out...aka...I'm not getting any. So the room is prepped and I'm still thinking surely I will get meds right I have no idea iow to do natural labor...oh honey I was already in full blown natural labor and checked a few minutes later and was a 9cm and little cervix left...WHAT???....somebody said dinner and he would be here in 30min with my epidural????? NOPE I'm getting really to push this thing out! I look at my dr eyes and say, "please tell me I can do this cause I really don't know if I can." He and the two nurses quickly (oh yah and Matt an right by my side and in just as much shock as I am in and he also assures me I can do this.) say yes you can you are already doing great breathing and taking each one well and as soon as I can push against the pain it will feel much better. And because the baby had do roped I did have the urge to push so relief was coming as soon as I was 10...and folks I was 10 literally after three contractions of being he says ok you can push and literally I Take a demo breath as he is talking and push for about 5-6seconds and the head comes out. Take a deep breath and on a few seconds later contraction comes and and out comes her body! They're going slow to pull the baby cause they know it's a surprise and I'm saying ok what is it? And they reveal ITS A GIRL!!! Matt and I both look in shock at this precious baby girl! A:we still can't believe what just happened so fast and B: we totally thought it was going to be a boy. Neither was upset we were just shocked that God had picked another girl for us. She was perfect and cried right away and stopped as soon as she was on my chest. She was very alert and look all around for quite awhile at her new world. After the adrenaline rush left my body and Selah(pronounced "say-luh") was getting cleaned up, I could then start to process and be so grateful for a beautiful baby girl who we chose the name Selah not knowing how key it's meaning would be. See about three weeks before I had prayed with some amazing ladies at church about my anxiety I have about labor and how I really dont well mentally just thinking about going into labor. What a powerful and healing evening for me. God parole in amazing ways and gave me tools to prepare for labor as well as how to live in to the truth He had revealed that night. During labor not once did I have the fear or defeat I would have normally had. The whole time I was able to cling to the bed but also truth and not the lies Satan had even feeding me before!!!! So when went to recovery and it was quiet Matt puts it all together of how amazing God was to ordain the prayer time to prep me for an intense labor where I could only cling to Him and then give the name Selah which means to pause and give praise to The Lord, what an amazing story He had just written right before our eyes. We both agreed having another boy would have been our perfect plan but God keeps us on our toes and knew what He was doing :) So now I sit here 6days in and love this beautiful girl and adding her to our circus, but even more am in awe of God and His mighty hands and heart for us. He knows what we worry about and wants to help and heal and I'm so glad He did. w

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