May 15, 2014

New normal

I'm thinking at some point soon I might start to feel a rhythm and my new normal will just flow.... Flow tiredness, spit up dirty diapers, whining, tantrums, begging for sugar, begging for anything they don't need or don't normally get.... Who am I kidding? Four kids ain't easy and I really can't keep setting myself up like this thinking I should or life will be all out together soon. This week I have tried to really take a deep breath and just live. We're staying home more and in our jammies or whatever is comfy and we're getting a lot of reading talking and family time in. We already miss Matt's parents who were just here, but also excited to figure out what our day to day is going to look like. Selah really is a great sleeper at night especially so I can't complain there. She is starting to stay awake more so it's nice to hang out with her when I can since I have two mini Me's want to constantly hold her. Drew is repeating most of what we say. His "I love you" just about stupid me in my tracks every time. He is such a sweet boy who I am so thankful for. Can't believe he will be my only boy but what a Heartbreaker he will be :-) Avery asked me today when she will get married. I told her it will be a long time from now and she said that's fine cause she wants to marry daddy. Grace is a little tough right now with her wanting to be grown up tendencies but I'm trying to take time for just her and give her space to play alone and that seems to help. She is so just like me... She wants to badly mother Selah and the rest of the house for that matter but also be in charge of herself and do for herself what she sees to be best.... Where the friction is. I think she is coming around to submitting to authority better in the last few days but I have also put some oils on their feet to help them sleep better and that seems to be working :-) So overall, I have zero complaints I'm just excited that is my journey with these rascals just needing wisdom on what to do and a breather from time to time... Good thing we serve an awesome God who goes before us and gives us just what we need :-)

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