March 27, 2014

Almost there

Ok folks, Im about done!! Not quite by weeks I'm 37 weeks on Sunday, but physically I'm getting quite weary. No big deal when you only have one running around or all are napping but when you literally only sit still to do school with the older two while constantly keeping the youngest from drawing in walls with any source of color, dumping and loose item or fliud, and the lovely screaming NO stage is being added to the mix :-) :-) :-) Overall I still love my children most hours of the day. Just stinks that it gets harder to keep your cool and do things on the floor with them as the days go on. I am thankful that they are pretty understanding cause they can tell by my waddle and effort of getting off the couch :-) PS I Really really want to know what this baby is, so that doesn't help my ability to patiently wait, but since God knows that I'm sure He is watching daily just smiling cause once again He is in control and knows what's best and it's driving me crazy :-) :-) So here is to a few more weeks of me working in enjoying the ease of the baby being inside and enjoying my current caios before more is added.

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