February 20, 2014

Yep, it's been way too long

I've thought for weeks and weeks "I am going to start sitting down on Friday nights and blog." I want to have the outlet to share and express what this school year has been. I will take more time soon to do so with more detail but for now my heart is and belly are so full and happy. This year has been one of the most draining, exciting, tiring, the list is long....but I wouldn't trade it for anything. The Lord has put it together just as He saw fit. He needed me to learn and be humbled in so many ways. The kids haves taught me so much about themselves but mostly about myself. I can't say enough how privileged I feel to get to spend so much time with them and being their teacher and influence. We have made many new friends through Grace's Latin school and our involvement in Heritage Builders, an enrichment group where we have attended dance and music classes and fun field trips. I love seeing how much each child is changing and gracious getting super excited about their sibling...only 8.5 more weeks!!!! I have less and less days where I think how am I going to handle four little rascals and get anything done let alone school the oldest two, and every time I do God stop it you aren't WE are. He and I have had many more times to chat in the last few months. I have had to cling to Him, cry to Him, and literally survive by Him and Him only. So now I am simply embracing what He has called us to. I am NOT blind to think it will be easy but I have learned this year once again God is right there we just have to reach for Him. Not sure why I try and do things on my own, but I am vowing to do it less and less. So as we celebrating our 100th day of school last week, I want to celebrate a hundred opportunities God has provided to bring Him glory. I pray I am more like Him than when we started and the kids have gotten a better glimpse of His love for them.

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