June 24, 2012

Title 4

Yeah so this once a month blogging thing is not my intention at all. I have great intentions to tell you about all the spilled glasses of whatever now that Avery insists she not have lid like Grace or the empty bags of fruit snacks I find all over the house because Grace will sneak into the pantry and take them or the wet counter tops and towels cause she is washing things while I nap and she has decided her nap time is over ....the list goes on and on. Or I could talk about hw stinkin cute and good Drew is. How he melts our heart with his smile and cooing. How my heart is so full of love for all three kids and makes me so humbled to know that God has given them to make to take care of. 

So that's where we come to reality...this is A LOT of work. My days feel so much fuller and tiring. I mean I only added in another kid that I have to feed and diaper and entertain how much work could that be.....HA! I'm trying to do my best to continue to keep things simple. I don't just run to Target or the grocery on whim...way too much work...I make sure I need several important things and two out of three are in a good mood cause putting three kids into a plastic cart on wheels and going around stocked aisles of grab able items is well not what I like to do with a little spare time. I'd rather play outside on the driveway with sidewalk chalk or ride on toys or partake in a plastic tea party with a full dinner of a great variety prepared by the girls...yeah my world has changed and I knew it was coming and tried to fight it but I lost.

Sorting activity one morning

Grace had a blast at VBS especially getting to perform on stage for us at the end of the week. 
Grace's buddy Addi
Fun at grandpa's house with cousin Elijah
A whole farm to plan onand they want to climb on the dog cage!! 
My dad and his grand kids 
Drew is already 2months old!
Who is unfortunately exposed to A LOT of girls things!!!

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