July 31, 2012


Just want some documentation that I survived absolute caious. Things have heated up around here. My sweet girls have now decide their brother is sticking around and it's their time to get my negative attention ALL day long and well after normal bed time. There is a lot of tears and whining and ignoring me most of the morning along side Avery wanting to potty train and now Grace has decided that she is not potty trained.... Dear God, thank you so much that one of them is still amazing and smiles at me anytime I'm overwhelmed with everyone else. Drew is simply the best thing since sliced bread. He waits to eat , sleeps well and well just isn't causing any drama so I can't thank him enough. As for the other two, I really need them to see that I love them so much, but I will stay tough on them through this all and on the other end we will all be better for it....or else!!! :) Pardon me I need to run upstairs someone is still awake and making noise...9:50pm...

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