May 22, 2012

Title 1

People are totally telling you the truth when they say "with each kid, time goes faster." This month has flown by. It doesn't help that the girls keep be on my toes literally :) and Drew is such an easy baby that I don't reallyl realize I am juggling three kids yet. He truely has been such a blessing. He is VERY easy going and isn't bothered by all the poking, squeezing, loud noises, fits, music and dance parties, or anything really...unless he's hungry and then watch out cause he's got a scream to let you know he means business. However, as soon as you pick him up he is content until fed most times. Like to say I did somethings to contribute to his easiness, but I didn't. I just fit him into our schedule and kept him on a routine as much as possible and have tried to stay laid back about things. Trying to lower my expectations of myself about cleaning and staying on top of everything...just not worth the stress anymore. I'm good with clean laundry needing to be folded and put away for a few days and floors that need to be steamed can just wait. 
Cause they're right...time goes way to fast and those things CAN wait :) 

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