April 22, 2012

Drew is here...

After thinking he was never going to come out. Drew made quite the birth story. Friday night I started with really strong contractions about 15min apart out of the blue around 10:15 ish. So I decided to go to bed and rest thinking that if this was false labor again I needed rest and if this was real labor I wouldn't have much time before we would head out. Sure enough those turned into 5 min contractions about 11:15. They were taking my breath away and I kept Matt awake cause I just had a hunch this was it. Called my mom and the dr and then we were up putting our last things in our bag....since we've never been sent back home cause it wasn't real labor. By the time were heading out the door about 12:20 contractions are about three minutes and I'm getting a little anxious of how fast he's coming but also just a sense of peace because the girls were covered and everything was in the bags we needed and my favorite dr was going to deliver Drew! So as we drive the 20 min drive, contractions are like clock work at 3 min and we know this is it!! Triage checks us out and I am 5 cm and not going back home. It hits me every time about then that yes i am really getting ready to have a baby...not sure why it takes that long but it just does. She asks the silly questions and sign the papers and were all set. Get my sexy gown and slipper socks on and head on to my hotel suite. They get my fluids and epidural in pretty fast since I was the only person on the floor in active labor. I get numb about a little after 2am and they see that he still hasn't dropped and I'm about 6cm. So we're just supposed to rest and see what he's gonna do. Then I start not feeling good....famous last words for me. I am not good when I don't feel good. Not big on fighting through nausea...surely it will pass if I can rest right?? Well if you can't rest you can't get over it. About an hour later or so of just laying there wishing Drew would hurry and come and staring at the clock, I get sick several times. It does help me feel better but now I feel weaker and no way to shower. After checking me he is still not decide to drop at all and I'm about 8cm. My water still hadn't broken but was very close she thought. My dr then went to help deliver triplets since I had time. She came back and decided that my contractions were not encouraging him to come down so she would break my water and give me a very small amount of pitocin. I'm starting to get more nervous now cause I'm pretty worn out still, feeling sick and now adding medicine might send me into a c section, but that was not on the radar at all they just wanted to encourage him gently as much as they could so when he was ready it would be that much easier on us both. So sure enough that did nothing and I start to notice that my right leg is starting to lose its numbness!!! PS I don't do well fighting through stomach sickness or severe pain. So I'm thinking sweet I get to feel the worst part on one side of my body....LORD PLEASE HELP CAUSE IM NOT SURE HOW MUCH LONGER I CAN DO THIS. That was the key, I couldn't do it and never could. I had let go of the confidence and peace He had given me on the way to the hospital and started to try and figure out how I was going to make this all work myself. A few minutes later my sweet nurse decided we could wait around or we could push and see if that could encrousge him. I really didn't want to waste any more energy but I knew this was a chance to bare down and fight through. Sure enough it took one strong push and he was ready! Feeling the major pressure on my right side but knew it would all be over soon enough. Took about 5 strong pushes and he was out!!! To God be the glory he was perfect and his lungs were fully engaged. We all guessed around 7.5lbs and sure enough he was 7lb 9oz 21in....seems huge compared to the girls. A normal weight and long length what??? He is perfect and God gets all the glory for His perfect plan and creation. He is nursing well and alert and just loves his family so much. My mom has had special time with him before her surgery Wednesday-which means all the world to us and her. The girls are over the moon about him. Grace REALLY wants to take care of him all by herself and Avery is pretty sure she needs to touch his eyeballs sometime soon. They were thrilled with their gifts from him and smothered him with kisses before they left yesterday to go back home. So life is good!!!!!! But God is soooo good! He had this planned a long time ago and walked us through it all graciously even though we tried to not depend on Him and doubt but He overlooked all that and still reached down and used it for His glory. Weve had already plenty of times to share His love and grace with nurses and staff. I am one thankful grateful humbled and full momma. Pictures are on Facebook IPad won't let me add photos to this post right now.

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  1. Love this story. Thank you for sharing! My favorite part is that grace wants to touch his eyeballs. Ha! Saraiah thought it was her job to drag Maia all over the house!