April 17, 2012


Never did I think the word cancer would hit my immediate family. Im sure no one does, but it did last Friday. Then when it hit us, I had no idea the effect it would have. I praise God because when we went to find out her diagnosis and treatment plan we truely walked away with one of the best case scenarios!!!! She has the most commmon type and is only considered a stage 1. They are still doing testing on the tissue sample they took last week, but she will need to undergo a lumpectomy next Wednesday and 4 weeks of radiation and if the Lord says the same be clear of this cancer. What a huge praise. This could have been so much worse and found so much later. They will go in the day of surgery and do some investgating of the lymph nodes, so we do need prayer that they find nothing there because that would cause complications for sure. The other side to all of this is that Drew hasn't made his appearance and isn't doing much to let us know he's coming soon. I would love to have him in the next few days so my mom can have some time with him before her surgery. It's not a major surgery but it would be torturous for her I'm sure if she couldn't hold him comfortably for more than she has to.... Either way I'm overjoyed that God blessed us with what He has. We totally don't deserve it and we realize that and therefore another reason that I am so grateful. So I do promise to relax and see what God has in store for me and Drew and continue to remember that no matter how it all happens God has my best in mind.

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  1. Amy, I will be praying for your mom. I'm sorry to hear that she and your family have to walk through this. I will pray for a peaceful and joyful delivery.