February 26, 2012

Matt SOOO knows how to get under my skin or ruffle my feathers whatever you wanna call it...he's been taking what seems like forever to help decide on a name for baby #3. So before I left for Florida last week, we narrowed it down to two names. Little did I know that he was really ready to decide and just didn't have a good time to announce it to his parents while they were here. So he then decides that he'll just wait til I bring it up again...and then drag it out as long as possible at that point to make sure I'm all ruffled and then reveal it!

So all day Saturday we're ...I'm...asking and talking with Matt and Grace about the two names and he is saying I just can't decide, I could go either way, I'm not ready to talk about it and make a decision....I'm getting more and more frustrated by the hour!

PS Our heating unit outside wasn't working so add to my stress paying out $500 for that...but wasn't bad because of having our emergency fund since going through Financial Peace University :) We shocked the tech at how we took the news of what it would cost and Matt had a great time chatting with him about the class and having an emergency fund.

So then by 10pm I'm REALLY ready to talk about the name and Matt is REALLY NOT. About 10:30 I announce I'm going to bed and he asks me to go get the shopping list...I thought what the heck for it's 10:30, but I didn't say that out loud I did the humble thing and went and got it nicely. As soon as I handed it to him I had a feeling he was up to something....

I went back into the kitchen to get my phone and looked up to this....

Yeah I know how could you miss the letters that were right under the notepad!!! All I can say is "I'm blonde and pregnant!"

Needless to say, I went back into the living room and saw his huge smile and I punched him hard. He had once again pulled my chain and won the battle of naming another child in his timing.

So I'm over the moon with having a name for the very active boy in my belly :) His full name will be Drew Allan Tenney. Allan is Matt's middle name and Drew has been a name we've loved since we were pregnant with Grace.

Only 8 more weeks!

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