February 23, 2012


So I'm giving up Facebook and french fries for Lent and being more intentional with prayer and getting up before the girls to have a quiet time in preparation for Easter....I GOTTA!! Both of these are things that are taking up my too much in my life! Sad to say that french fries is one of them, but they're SOOOO tasty for me and little man right now and it doesn't help that there is a new McD's just down the road!

So, all my baby updates and funny things that the girls are doing will be written down and recorded here in lists vs random things on Facebook and spending countless times a day just scrolling everyone else's updates.

1. At breakfast this morning Grace wanted to pray first. After she prayed for everyone under the sun she then added she hopes Jesus will bring her her own puppy like GG. My mom just got one the other day and Grace was over the moon with it in seconds! Sorry sista IT AIN'T HAPPENING anytime soon!

2. Avery has become the queen of begging for sweets...and she knows when to do it so I'll give in without realizing it. She now has a kancore(sp?) sore on her lip I'm pretty sure has to do with all the suckers and fruit snacks she successfully gotten from me or Grace :) She's becoming quite our little challenge. Matt and I had to have a parenting meeting with ourselves last night to get on the same page and throw ideas out there on how to handle her. She's much different from Grace and is learning very quickly how to manipulate us and try to make things work in her favor. WE'RE ON TO YOU SISTA!!!

3. Pretty sure little guy will have a name this week. He is doing well and VERY active. He's causing more frequent heartburn, but I'm still feeling great overall. Having to make myself take naps and go to bed I pay for it the next day if I don't, but hard when you still have lots of energy and a million things to get done!

I had a get away to Florida this past weekend and it ROCKED!! I went down all alone to visit one of my favorite people Danette. She and I had a ton of fun talking, eating out, eating a lot of ice cream, and reading....all things I don't get to always do regularly and it was amazing. She ended our trip with a trip to Clearwater Beach which was a huge highlight for me considering I married into a VERY pale family and I tan easily and LOVE being in the sun!!! It was a much needed break and helped me be refreshed and more excited about this little one coming out.

Only 8ish more weeks!!!

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  1. I'm excited to see pictures when the little guy makes his debut!