January 31, 2012

Dave Ramsey would be proud

We went into tonight's adventure of negotiating for our washer and dryer with our cash, a goal of how much of that we wanted to spend, how we would approach the sales guys, and prayed before we went in. I really feel like we came out winners. Best Buy was pretty hesitant to work with its til the guy asked the manger to come back and talk with us. We pulled out the cash and pointed our the dent one more time and the deal we we're headed to look at down the road at Lowe's. He heard us and then decided he would find us an open box pedastal....however they tried hard and couldn't find it. So then the $60 off then came off the new one.....DAVE 's words from his dvd are singing in our heads"open the box, open the box". So we walk out of there with our $800 deal that we named the price on and headed to Lowe's.The one at Lowe's had been there for over a month it had a pedastal included for $600! This was already an amazing steal. The guy was really nice and we offered $50 less a little too fast cause he jumped on that. We probably could have done $500 but we we're so happy with the other deal and this one being so great already we don't feel too bad at all. So with a grand total of $1350 we are thrilled. Retail would have been $2600! We're so thankful for Dave Ramsey class as well as the ability to be in this position in the first place. Debt free and paying for big purchases with cash is an awesome feeling.

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