February 29, 2012


So Grace and I were talking the other day after we went to our friends who are Chiropractors to get adjusted about them going to school to learn how to do that. She starts talking about going to school and I told her she could be anything she wanted to be. She then informs me that she is going to be a teacher....warmed my heart! I knew from a young age I was going to be a teacher, but not sure it was 3.5. Now I'm not holding her to this, but if she does end up being one in some form or fashion I have it recorded. She also tells me on a daily basis that she has twins in her belly a boy and a girl, so if that ever comes true that will be interesting as well.

Avery is talking up a storm and you really have to watch what words you emphasize cause she is right there to repeat them just how you did. I'll be sure and post soon when she catches on one worth sharing about!

Drew is staying busy in my belly but not giving me any trouble through out the day. Just keeps feeling bigger :) Hoping for a nice chubby baby that will sleep well, but I'll take the usual small and petite Tenney kids that we're good at making too.

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