March 1, 2012

those health nuts!

I know some think all these health nuts are going a little far. I mean we all survived just fine with high fructose corn syrup (especially cause we didn't know it was in everything), etc. Anyway, I'm loving the fact that a new yogurt place is trying to do their best to add to the health craze that is going on. THEY HAVE SORBET!!! I got to take both girls out for dessert! They were over the moon excited to get "ice cream" and put toppings on it.

They both at one point went in fist first to grab a yummy topping or two. Grace picked the mango sorbet with gummy worms, gummy bears, oreos, caramel, cherries, blueberries, and sprinkles.

We also had a dentist appoint this morning. The girls did great....I was pretty stressed about having to take both of them and successfully get all of our teeth cleaned with not much fuss. The office wasn't busy at all, so the dentist took them into the room next to me and put Dora on the tv and successfully got Avery to sit in the chair all by herself and complete her check up while Grace filled them in on her brother on the way and her baby dolls,etc.

Grace then allowed me to put her in my chair and do her exam all alone(she is not my brave child). She LOVED having the pink glasses on and watching tv, but you could tell she was still timid in how she was moving her mouth,etc but I'm thrilled that she did great all on her own.

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