January 25, 2012


So I was convinced Monday night that A had the flu or something bad cause she had a fever and chills and very sluggish and wanted to be held. Turns out she's perfectly healthy...she's just got about 3-5 teeth moving in!!! The poor kid has been very needy, snot everywhere and DROOLING all over the place. Her fever seems to be gone and she's happier at times and eating more, but dang it's hit her like she was a wee little one!

Couldn't this have happened last year when I wasn't pregnant and dealing with a 3 year old attitude in the mix of it all? Nope, cause I wouldn't of had to test the patience, peace, and consistent discipline the Lord has been working on me with now would I?

Severely exhausted,

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  1. yeah, my kids decided to teeth in groups of 3s and 4s as well. it's quite the joy. praying for rest for you.