January 18, 2012

my baby's going to preschool

Totally thought to myself, "really moms cry and get all emotional when they send their little ones off to school." Well now it's my turn...well not til September...and I'm already emotional. There's no way it's time for school already :)

I thought she had another year before kindergarten because of a summer bday but that may not be the case if she's ready academically, so there is a great preschool down the road (well several) that we're touring and will probably land at and I'm thrilled now that I've calmed down and had a few days to process.

I seriously took about 2 hours a few nights ago to fall asleep cause friends had told me yes she would do pre-K this next year and I needed to make the decision soon cause signs up are at the end of the I laid there thinking about all the things I want her to know how to do, getting her a backpack, lunch box, shoes, clothes, how kids will treat her, what her teacher will be like, will I be too bossy in trying to see if they need any help or helping with holiday parties,etc, where has the time gone, will she be ready, will the kids like her.....

Ok, so I'm sure hormones had SOMETHING to do with it but still I can't believe my baby is going to preschool next year! She will do great and I'm so proud of who she is already. They'll teach her all she needs to know and it will be great I'm sure. Til then I have some snuggling and hanging out to do with her for sure :)

Little Miss A is saying lots more words and gelling into her own little person. She's got such a sweet spirit about her, but man she can really turn up the heat if she's wanting a snack that's not available or if Grace gets in her space to share a toy.

Little guy is kicking and moving up a storm. He's measuring a little big and staying between 145-155bpm. Still working on names and his room. The girls are now sharing a room and they love it. So life is good and calm for now til the storm of a newborn hits :)

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  1. Grace has been in Jr-Pre K for the school year, and I have noticed such a big change, mainly in confidence. Preschool is such a good thingy!