January 8, 2012

let's play catch up

I've neglected the blog, so I'll do my best to catch up the last few weeks. Christmas was awesome to say the least. The girls had a ball opening and opening and opening. They were both into it and loved getting new stuff. We did a clean out session right before Christmas to make room, but definately need to do another one now that we're to our elbows in toys again :)

We had a great but challenging time in San Fransico the week after Christmas. The city, seeing family, and being on vacation was great. The time change, cranky kids on long flights, 12 hour flying days, cutting teeth, accidents in the car and on the plane, etc were not so fun...for mommy at least.

We're finding that our sweet little A is growing into quite a little person. She is challenging us more with tantrums, refusing to do things, and just turning 2! She has picked up on G throwing fits about things and therefore is trying to apply it and well it's not working out for her so well and exhausting me.

Grace is now sleeping in her new twin bed and in undies through the night. This is a huge step for her. She's been ready for a few months now, but just wasn't wanting to give up her Pull-Ups. I hid them last week and then had Matt put them down while I was at a meeting without knowing where they were and she did just fine. She hasn't had any trouble and is quite proud of herself. She's so like me...determined and moving forward but takes safe steps to get there.

We're getting more and more excited about the little guy coming in April. He is very active and measuring a little big....mommy is very excited about that. We would love to have a chunker who eats and sleep more regularly, but we'll not getting our hopes too high yet. He's getting more and more things from friends and family which makes it all seem real and oh yeah I'm showing much more now. He seems to really like sweets and chocolate milk :)

A's lastest words as a side note are: I unt hummus, up please(in the sweestest voice ever), honey, Amen, cup, lots more but I'm drawing a blank. Wish I could bottle up her little voice and keep it with me forever.

Mommy and A at the coolest museum

A bubbles station

A magnets station

Cousin Colin who was AMAZING with the girls


We stayed in a super nice house in SF and loved having a great time with all the grandkids all in one place. PS...I beat Matt in air hockey :)

A got her first haircut this weekend. She was cute, but when she was told it was done he was down off that seat in no time so these are before and during but no afters cause there was too much to do and see!

So here's to a great 2012. Excited to see what God has in store for us!

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