November 23, 2011

virtual rummage sale--updated 11/26

I've got the following items for sale. We've been challenged by reading Managing God's Money and our church to redistribute our money and stuff. So, it has to go and the profits will be donated to the organizations we already support...Vision Nicaragua and the Daughter's Project .

Whitney Chipmunk doll $2

Balderdash Game still in plastic $5

Toy Car that has a lever to "rev" it up $2

20 medicine cup holders (medicine on the go) $2

fairy plate with suction ring $3

Crayola homemade popsicle holders $2

SHARK Hand held steamer $10 (nothing wrong with it just don't use it anymore)

leather coasters w/leather holder $3

plastic kids lawnmower $2

Bissel Flip-It $40..used it for about 4 months and then decided I wanted a steam option. Nothing wrong with it and comes with an extra pad.
Here is the link for it on Amazon.

Pink Converse size 8 gently used (worn twice..too skinny for her feet) very cute and the dots you see are sparkles $5

To buy any of these items please email me or call to come and pick the items up. I can always leave them on the porch for you to pick up at your convience with an envelope.

Thanks for considering!

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