December 5, 2011

It's a ........

Here's the video from our cupcake reveal party....

I really thought there was no way it would be a boy, but knew that things were so different with this one and Matt really needed it to be a boy to let us continue having children! I'm still getting used to the idea....good thing they're not really any different for awhile :)

A sweet friend reminded me tonight that there is nothing like the bond between a son and his mother. It helped really accept and be comforted in knowing a boy is coming. Now on to finding great deals on BLUE!!!

More pictures....that downloaded way crazy sorry!!!

The guys had some manly time after the party, we held up our predictions, had a great spread of cupcakes to choose from and just had a great time!!!

Bring on the BLUE!!!

I finally got Grace to be ok with the baby being a boy or girl today and then tonight that it was now a boy....she said we should name it brother Jason has a dog named Jazmin who she names everything after :) Not sure she's going to get her wish this time!

1 comment:

  1. How fun Amy! I love these new gender surprise things people are coming up with and your cupcakes look YUMMY!!

    The only advice I really have from having a son now for 18.5 months is really watch that pee-pee! It can shoot out A LOT farther than girl pee. Haha