November 12, 2011

not a total waste...

So I've been sucked into the Pinterest cult! I avoided it for as long as I could and now I'm hooked. I couldn't say no any longer cause, EVERYONE'S doing it :) I am happy to report I am actually using it to make things for Grace's "school" time.

PS I've started doing "school" with her. She has been playing school with a folder and papers she had from a bible study and she LOVES when I'm her classes' helper at church so I thought what the heck surely I can teach her somethings while Avery is busy or asleep right. She has enjoyed every minute of it. We incorporate Avery during the Bible story and song time and that gets them both very excited.

By this picture you can see that I'm already over the top, but it's in my blood and I paid a lot of money to get a paper that says I am an official teacher a few years back :)

So far, I'm keeping it simple and fun and we'll see where this takes least until the baby comes!

Here's a clip of Avery saying a new word a few weeks ago. She's adding things every few days or so now and it's fun to see her imitate EVERYTHING Grace does...even when Grace is in trouble on the stairs she will pretend that she is too and make mean noises or hit Grace, but she learned very quickly a few weeks ago that that only gets her consequences just like her big sis.


  1. Haha! love the video! Wilson does the same thing now which makes it harder to capture those moments. It becomes a "WIlson wants camera moment."

    Do you think you will homeschool then since you have your degree and obviously have the actual background to do it? I think it would be pretty cool but I don't think I could do it myself.

  2. love the school stuff! I think you're more organized with Grace than I am with Maia. :) Good job!