November 3, 2011

15 weeks, Nana, and candy

I hit 15 weeks last Friday and have felt great ever since! Thank you Lord! This one has really thrown me a for a loop. I'm starting to show I think a little past the questionable chubby stage. I will get some pics started soon. Poor third child, already getting neglected.

Nana and Max came for the weekend and we LOVED having them. They brought some fun presents and we got to the park and great places to eat. We tried Mellow Mushroom pizza place and loved it. They have gluten free crust and dairy free cheese! I was so thrilled that the girls could eat what we were eating!!! They are usually having to eat just parts of things or things plain from a restaurant, but not this time. So fun cause I got to eat pizza right next to them and didn't have explain it will hurt their belly....ahh the little things :)

So with having to keep them away from dairy, trick or treating was a little bit tricky. Most of what they got was chocolate, but THANK YOU to the livesavers who gave out suckers and nerds candy :) :) Avery sucked on 4 suckers during her time in the stroller (some times multiple at one time) and Grace discovered Fun Dip and thought that was a genius invention.
Grace did go up to the houses with Matt and said trick or treat each time. I didn't think she would cause she will normally want someone to say things or ask for her, but she did great....probably caught on to what it gets her!

Grace has really turned a corner behaviorally for the better. We've stayed pretty tough on her and it's paying off. Avery will now watch her when she does throw a fit or do something not so great and imitate her to see how I will respond. She will even join her on the stairs and try and fuss like her :)

They're starting to be able to share a little better and love making each other laugh at the dinner table or bath tub. Avery is jabbering more and more. Her latest word is "all gone" and when you offer her food she doesn't want she'll say "not that" and sign "thank you" meaning "no thank you".

They're both lots of fun and growing up very fast. We talk a lot about the baby in my belly and each day Grace has a new story about the one in her belly or what the baby is going to be or where it will sleep,etc. She is quite often talking in her make believe talk so it takes me a minute to catch up to where she's at.

Attempt to upload pictures just as soon as my signal is better.

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