September 6, 2011


Today G discovered photo albums that have been in the same spot since before she was born. The first one she asked to look at was of her. It's a sad excuse for a album with about 20 pictures in it from her birth to 3 months....always said I would just make a digital one each year HAH!
Anyway, she LOOOVED her find. She went over those pictures over and over asking TONS of questions. Several were of her in the NICU and she thought she was sick cause of the oxygen tube. It was just so cute to see her wonder and think about what was going on in the photos. She wanted to hold the one of her and Matt over and over. When it was nap time she was upset cause she wanted her daddy at home since we had talked so much about him.
This evening we opened up all the other photo albums and she was so into them. Because Matt and I haven't changed much since we were dating she just wondered who all the friends were that she hadn't met. Just a fun time today with her allowing her to try and grasp the past and being a "baby".

A on the other hand has turned another corner on her play. She's into chatting and singing in the playhouse and taking care of babies. It's amazing to watch her play like a big kid cause she sees her sister doing it all day. If G has a jacket or play shoes on she MUST have one as well.

The girls finally shared a willing hug and kiss tonight before bed...this might be a monumental day!

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