October 7, 2011

it fell over by itself

This is the blog entry I wrote Friday night, but with our new Mi-Fi device it's taking way too long to download things so here is the text and about every 24 hrs or so I can add a picture :)

This is what G told me when I came back to the table and her entire cup of milk was spilled on the table. This kid is crazy! She's maturing so much in her expressions and explanations of things. She keeps me on my toes most of the day informing me of a "friend" who is sitting at the table with us, in the baby stroller, or what her name is :) She is super fun to be around unless she's not napped well or over the time with emotions and testing the waters (my sanity)!

This blog and many things have been neglected in the last month. God has given me a time in the last few weeks to revaluate what I'm doing with my time. I have been way over committed for quite some time now. Many wise people have told me so, but I'm always convinced I know best....HAHA... It's only taken til almost three children for me to realize I can't keep this pace up. I have to slow down. So, one more friend challenged me on this and I finally listened. She and the Lord really helped me see the truth. I have gave up 2 things and I LITERALLY feel A LOT better already. I have more time to just play with my girls and shower when I want to. I can get housework done at a more reasonable rate, and I'm a much nicer wife :)

I have even been able to already to encourage another mom in my same boat. Thank you Lord for your leading! Thank you also to all of you who are saying in your head "I told you so!" I heard you just wasn't ready to listen.

So now onto the real reason you're my fans....


  1. Oh my friend I am giving you a big hug right now and telling you that I am proud of you. Glad you are lightening the really does feel good, huh? Adorable pics of the girls! They are too cute!!!

  2. I have the same issue. i am constantly reevaluating my commitments. fall has been a time for that. i had to decide that housework had to be paramount after the insanity of summer activities, both outside and away from home. i totally understand.