August 21, 2011

the word is out!

It sure didn't take long for the word to get around that I am pregnant. I am terrible at secrets and well have a lot of friends who were very excited I guess. I'm very excited and yes we planned this. I'm still trying to get my head around the idea, but that's what the next 9 months are for :)

I've been trying to explain things to G and she has been very cute as she takes it all in. She asked me this morning "once you push the baby out, will they close your lid?"
I assured her they would and she said, "good".
I made the mistake of telling her she couldn't hold the baby right after it came out because it will need a bath, so now she is constantly worried about it being dirty. She also asked me today if she could put A in her belly and grow her.
G has made a prediction that it is 2 boys! Thanks to my mom informing her that sometimes there's two babies in a belly. Not sure I want that one to come true, but we shall see.

According to a website, I'm not due til April 24. I'll go in about a month for my first ultrasound where we'll meet the little peanut.

We put G's railing on her crib today to help her be able to get out to go to the bathroom and well she stayed in her bed but she cried off and on for about an hour. I was very exhausted going in and out of her room trying to get her to quiet down that I gave in and laid with her in her bed....yeah so that didn't last cause she was super excited I was in there. So I sat on the floor about 10:17 and she was out before 10:19! She is such a kid of routine and order so I know a big part of it might be that it's a change, but Lord please let her adapt quickly :) cause now need more rest.

A is doing a lot more babbling and expression in her sounds. She will even put her hands up in the "I don't know" position when you say where is something? She's picking up on a lot and also showing us that she is pretty fiesty when it comes to obeying. For instance, I was taking her out of the pantry(her favorite place to get into cause she can climb up the shelves) and I took one hand and she quickly gripped with the other hand and wouldn't let go. I had her lifted in mid-air and she was white knuckling it...had to loosen her hand myself cause she wasn't letting go!

Matt is back in Georgia this week...BOO...but he only has this week and next. So I'll get the girls in order by the time he gets back so he can enjoy it all :)


  1. So exciting for you - can't wait to see pictures of your new little one in the spring :)

  2. yay! congratulations. You make beautiful babies~