August 12, 2011

venting time

I'm really frustrated that this is the fourth time we've pulled up laminate in the foyer. We thought it was the toilet leaking the other times so we tiled and resealed the bathroom. Nope, come to find out the water hose spout has been leaking into the walls!
Realized the bubbling of laminate was not something that should be happening this week while Matt was gone and never put two and two together that as I watered during this beautiful weather that maybe that water was coming inside the house!!!!!!!!
So we're praying that as we enjoy time in Georgia next week we can relax (only a dream for Matt since he's going for work) and take a deep breath before we come home and find out how much damage there really is.

It's not the end of the world, just not fun to deal with a few torn apart rooms on top of a call that your brother is in jail for a really dumb choice and a friend from church lost her battle with cancer....but you know what I'm in God's hands and I am still kicking so here's to owning a home that can't stay in perfect condition all the time :)

1 comment:

  1. Wow! Leaking into the walls?!? That is just not fun! I hope that the damage will be easily and cheaply fixed!