August 7, 2011


G told me tonight that she didn't want the Chex cereal, she wanted the "crumpy" kind....aka crunchy. Needless to say now that G is in 3 year old world of talking and make believe there are many times a day that I just get to sit and laugh about what she's doing or saying. She loves to play make believe with her food, books, playdough....all of the above at this point. Many times the people she's created are being told to sit down, go to sleep or be nice!

A on the other hand isn't talking much but makes a lot of sounds and dance moves for us to get her drift. She prefers to beg like a puppy to try and get her way. She wants WHATEVER you have even if she's just ate her dinner and someone else's. Her top teeth are taking their sweet time, so we're trying to be gracious about her behavior cause two teeth in a highly used area can't be fun. (PS...this will only be tooth 3&4)

A at 17 months

G at 12 months

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