March 25, 2011

where's Grace?

I'm putting away laundry and organizing all the great clothes we were given today, when I realize I haven't heard Grace in awhile. I make the rounds upstairs cause the gate is closed so she has to be somewhere near....I then make a second round and finally here a slight noise in our bathroom. I walk back in and she is peaking out of the cabinet. She's been hiding under my sink in the complete dark with my bra on. At some point, she opened a pad and placed it properly under the bra. She was so proud of herself and so was I. She was completely silent and very well is this a good thing???

Avery had a cute moment today as well. She was very tired about 7:45 tonight so I took her up early. She didn't really fuss getting her jammies and then drank some water and I read to her. As she cuddled with me as I prayed she put her arms out for her cup again. I handed her the cup and she just snuggled it by her neck and layed her head on my shoulder. I took it and she popped her head up and reached for it again. She literally did this about 5 times. She totally wanted to go to bed with her cup! She kept smiling every time she got the cup but didn't make a noise the whole time. Totally trying to be sly and sweet. She's knows I'm a sucker for a cuddler :)

PS She didn't get to take her cup to bed and she wasn't happy about that...she definately made noise once she realized her reality :)

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