March 21, 2011

catching up

So yeah with the awesome weather and more flexibility of Avery being able to miss her morning nap and watching the twins a few days a week, this blog is totally getting neglected....sorry fans :)

We've had a lot of progress with Avery and her anemia and will be doing allergy testing next week to make sure we know what is causing her anemia food wise if there is anything still. She has never slowed down or been any less happy through it all. She will put her arms out for anyone to hold her. Now that's not to say she won't immediately want to come to me or put her arms out again, but super cute to see her want to be around people and putting a smile on everyone's face.

She's quite the climber. She's learning the hard way that her ability to balance herself has not caught up with her bravery yet. Poor girl falls off of Grace's child size chair about once a day, but continues to climb up on it and smiles ear to ear that she did it just like Grace.

Here are a few vidoes that I've forgotten to share.

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