December 17, 2010


Avery is now 10 months. I'm blogging way too far and few between and Grace had a dry day! These last few weeks have been exhausting. The girls are waking up early off and on, tons of accidents for Grace, and trying to get things done during nap time has left me pretty tired after going to bed even later trying to get more and more done....enough about me...

These girls make we want to have 10 kids. They are at such fun ages. Yes it gets to be tough, but man Grace learns to say such cute and fun phrases every day and Avery is so happy go lucky. She is shocking herself at what she can do. She's crawling on her hands and knees about half the time now and pulling up on toys and stands for long periods of time.
I've been staying in my pj's more these last few weeks when we don't have to go anywhere just so I can spend more time with them. Having fresh clean hair and smelling good is WAY overrated....funny how when I do get to the shower I feel like I am scrubbing off a real layer of grime!

Overdue pictures:

Avery always makes this face with her tongue when she's thinking or excited or for unknown reasons....

I sware she's gonna get a tooth soon...oh wait she's a child of mine! the mean time she chews on everything in site.

Avery loves the "pop pop car." She will sit really still and let Grace push her all over.

Very rare that I get a good shot of them both together so you're getting 2...

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