August 16, 2010

the girls

The girls and I went to their dr's appts today with no fuss! Avery turned 6months today. She is 11lb 13oz and 25in long. She is such a happy baby. She's now sleeping her 11-12hrs at night with no feeding when I go to bed. This is a HUGE relief for me. I am finally able to relax in the evenings and not worry about feedings, sleep,etc.

Grace is 26lb 8oz and 33.75in long. She's gaining ground in both areas....not surprised by that by how much she eats and has been wired lately. She's able to reach A LOT more these days..she totally climbed onto Avery's changing table this morning while I was nursing before I even realized she was up there.

We're loving the break in the heat. We've spent more morning and evening time outside. Grace is still working hard a potty training. She LOVES her big girl panties and doesn't usually soak them when she has an accident, so I'm hoping she continues to hold them in high regard. Now if she would just hold me in high regard and not say "stop it" when I take something from her or make her be done at meal time because she is smearing the remainder of her meal all over the table and floor.

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