August 10, 2010

fun times

We've had lots of fun times around here. My 10-yr high school reunion was this past weekend.

My good friend Lori's baby shower was also this weekend. Let's not mention that she wore this cute dress and high heels to go along with it and didn't complain once about her feet or swelling!!!!

Grace LOVES dressing up every day and going shopping around the house. Quite funny to watch her chat on her cell. She watches my every move when I'm on the phone and now I know why. She's learning new gestures to make believe with I think. Sixteen is going to come WAY too fast!

Avery is sleeping well...except that she's been wanting to get up around 7 instead of 8, so I'm compromising and getting her up at 7:30. I'm just still catching up from the months of not sleeping well so I'm not able to pull myself out of bed before her if she wants to get up at 7. So now I am trying to get up at 7 and feed her around 7:30 hopefully she'll get my memo soon....funny how I think I'm in control again huh.

I got her a sippy cup to start letting her have water and something else to entertain her. I think it's funny that the cup is as big as her head. She is still quite petite, weighing 11lb 10oz last week but I didn't realize how small she was still she started playing with her new cup.

With my mom moving to Arkansas last week, there will be a lot more pictures and video on here for her sake. Lots more details that Nana and GG will appreciate more than most, but hang in there viewers I wouldn't be here today without you all...oh wait that's the Grammy's speech :)

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