July 28, 2010

it's almost August!!

Some neighbors have said, "what have you been up to seems like I haven't seen you much this summer." And I keep thinking what have I been up to? I feel like I'm busy doings all the time but yet I'm not getting to the pool and outside to walk cause of the heat so I can see everyone. I'm really trying to keep Avery in her sleeping rythym (sleeping more and more nights for 12 hrs at a time!!!!) and potty training Grace is going I am busy it just seems to be all in my house.

We did venture to the Boone County fair the other day with our buddies Colby and Addison and the girls had a blast seeing all the animals.

We also went on a bike ride with Colby and Addison yesterday morning cause both mommies are tired of not getting out and exercising like we did last summer....WAY too ambitious. We went far and had no idea what it would be like to drag the kids behind us getting back!!!

We did stop at their friend's house for blackberries which Grace annihilated, but by the time we got home mommy and both girls were spent!

We're excited that my mom is going to move to Arkansas to take care of Matt's gma. It will be an answer to prayer for both my mom and matt's parents. The current care giver isn't working out and my mom has been looking for some better work options. HOWEVER, we're gonna miss our GG like crazy, (Mommy and daddy are super bummed to be losing the free babysitting!!!) but we know that this is an awesome opportunity for both parties.

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