August 25, 2010

never a dull moment

Seems like now a days there is never a dull moment. Grace has really stepped up her energy level and her willingness to learn whether I mean business or not. Avery is much more active. She loves to play on the floor and roll all around as long as you are in the general vacinity, but when she's done she's done!!

I can totally tell Avery is the second child. I already have MUCH less of a collection of photos of her. I actually just remembered today that I didn't have 6month pictures. So, we improvised this evening and got a few good ones. She is getting much better at sitting. The stair worked wonders holding her up for about 3.5 seconds so I could grab some shots of her.

There was no taking good photos without the passy today sorry I tried.

I got to go camping last weekend and it was a blast!! It was my good friend's bachelorette weekend. Raccoon Lake was great to stay at and Turkey Run's trails and caonoeing was a blast. I was SOOOOO thrilled to get a chance to be away and then after calling home Saturday morning and getting a good report it allowed me to have an even better time. I came back refreshed even though we went to bed late, took about an hour to fall asleep, and we were woken up about 3 hrs later to a bad storm that we weren't prepared for....we had left our rain cover off since the radar said it wouldn't rain til the next day....famous last words!!!

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