May 7, 2010

watch out

I sat Avery on our bed this afternoon while I put laundry away. As I picked up a pile to put away she tooted so loud that she completely startled herself! Her arms and legs flew up,her eyes got huge, and then she just sat "who what was that"?

I cracked up! So watch out for Avery's gas it can catch you by surprise :)

She also turned herself over from her belly to her back, but I was laying next to her so I'm thinking she had an angle and soft surface to help her. I tried it on the carpet downstairs tonight and she totally just continued to scream and didn't get anywhere.

She gained a whole ounce from last night to tonight!!! This is awesome weight gain and best case scenario. This allows us to really relax and know that she is eating and gaining enough to continue what we're doing. Thank you for your thoughts, comments, prayers, and encouragement. We've needed and felt it all and trult appreciate going through this time with an amazing God and community.

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