May 6, 2010


So Matt weighed Avery with her diaper on and with some potty...he cheated a little. She's at about 8lb 15.2oz tonight so we're getting there. We talked to the dr today about giving her another small dose of her meds in the morning to see if that would help the day time feedings and it did.

Continue to keep us lifted in prayer because we want to be as concerned as we need to be and not consumed by her weight. She is very happy after a feeding and sleeps well so we know that she's satisfied just not sure why it's not showing more on the scale. Only time will tell if she's just going to be another peanut like Grace or if this is just a phase. Either way she's as cute as they come and loves to smile and semi-laugh and it just melts me!!!

Tummy time today got the camera just right when she was just about done. She holds her head up really well for the first few minutes, but by this point she was a few more seconds from being tired of it already :)

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