May 5, 2010

another weigh in

Avery hit 9 lbs last night!! We're very proud that she is gaining around 1-1.5 ounces a day like that dr wanted her to. She's also much happier when she's eating just take a long time cause she needs lots of breaks, so I'm going to ask about her taking her medicine twice a day to see if that will help.

LOVING Matt being home this week. Next week he travels Wed-Fri, but my gracious mom(though she'd come see the girls at a drop of a hat) is going to stay with us again. This shouldn't be regular but with 14 projects on his plate, one of them is bound to need him to go there in person.

One funny story that happened the other day.... Grace asked for the cup on the kitchen table which had a tad bit of water and a few ice cubes in it. She loves the ice now that she has more teeth to bite it with. So she's playing with the ice in her mouth and hand and have a good ole time. Matt, Avery, Bailey and I are sitting on the floor near her and Matt and I are just talking. Then I look over and Matt is now laying down and isn't facing Grace. Grace walks over and pours the water on Matt! She and I start cracking up. She came over and gave me a high five. IT WAS AWESOME! Girls rule and boys drool!! She was SOOO proud of herself and Matt was shocked cause that water was freezing and she totally did it purposely.

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  1. Hahah! Poor matt! thats one of those things you just wish you could catch on camera right? :)