May 2, 2010

Rummage Sale season is here!!! I scored big time this weekend. Grace LOVES the neighbor's Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, so I've been wanting to get her one. They around $50-60 in the store. I got one a benefit sale this weekend for $10! (and it's the pink and purple girl version!!) to come(that is if I can get her to stay still in it long enough)

She's been climbing into my camping chair in the driveway when I run into get Avery or something else in the house and so I've wanted to get her one her came with a tent which I thought fine I'll take them both...and for $4 it's worth it at least lasting this summer. I didn't know this was a for real tent!! She LOVES this thing....and so does Bailey :)

Grace has also learned how to climb into her high chair all on her own. She can also buckle herself in, but Matt didn't get that part in the video. She just started doing this on her own with no warning last weekend...of course I was not there once again!

Avery is still quite the little peanut. She is struggling to overcome the pain of her ears to eat, but she eventually is able to eat enough to fill her belly. I'm gonna need a major vacation after these ear infections pass!!!

Our friend is an ER doc at the ER right by our house. She weighed her yesterday and she was already back up to 9lbs! This is a huge relief and helps me rest easier knowing that when I see our pediatrician tomorrow she will be happy and we won't have to look at more serious things.

Where did this last month go?? Grace is 22months old tomorrow and Avery is 2.5months old already!

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