April 30, 2010

we're managing

We're attempting to manage two girls who have hit the point that their ears are bothering them, which is totally understandable just hard to keep both happy at the same time or sleeping for that matter. Avery has really been fussy today. I feel like I'm constantly stuck inside a boppy pillow nursing her or bouncing her try to calm her down cause of her hears or reflux.

I know we're just a few days from being in a much better place with the ear infections so we're enjoying the smiles and silly things they do in between being uncomfortable.

Like Grace climbing into the exersaucer upstairs over and over...she puts both legs in one hole and got stuck at least 3 or 4 times today. She's then stuck there til I can get to her all the while her sister was just about to sleep til she heard the loud grunting and begging from the next room over! I'm frustrated til I come in the room and see how silly she looks and that she's not upset she's just bummed that it's a tight squeeze and wonders what in the world is the other hole for.

Or that Avery slept while I took a much needed walk this afternoon. She woke up about 10 minutes from home, but sat content as could be then just smiled up a storm on the couch when I brought her in :)

Grace also put the Bumbo seat on the foot rest of the glider, climbed in and began rocking. No problem cause I was in the glider nursing. She was fine til she decided to try and get out....down she went backwards right on her head!! Luckily it was nap time so she got to snuggle with her baby and calm down with me and then slip right into a great nap.

Or when I came home tonight from being at Goodwill and Target ALONE (thank you Matt) and I walk upstairs and Grace doesn't realize I'm home, turns around and runs to be giggling she's so excited to see me!

It's in these precious moments that you realize all the tough ones are totally worth it and that it's really not that bad. It could be A LOT worse. It's like God erases from your memory the true memory of how tough things are each time you have a fun or sweet moment with them.

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