April 29, 2010

hard to hear

It's really hard to hear that your kids are hurting and you didn't know it. We found out today that both Grace and Avery have double ear infections. This was shocking to me considering Avery had just started to sleep really well and Grace just had a runny nose and woke up early from her nap a few times this week. I feel terrible for them. That has to hurt!

We also found out that Avery has lost weight in the last 2 weeks. She is down to 8lb 11oz which is 7oz less than last time. This could totally be because of the cold that turned into double ear infections on top of her reflux, but the nerve racking part is that it could mean something much worse. She is still very happy after feedings and very alert so thinking that something worse is wrong just seems hard to believe.

We go back on Monday for a weight check. She has to have gained so here's to Avery chowing down anytime she wants to!!! Let's just hope that most of that chowing is done during the day so momma can get some sort of rest.


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