April 26, 2010

Oh how He loves us

I'm not going to say we're "on a roll", "in a routine", "figuring this out", or anything of that sort because I know it will jinx us and I'm really enjoying the sleep! So what I will say is that I'm am SO thankful for the last two nights of rest. Avery is doing much better once she is settled around 10 or 10:30(having eaten around 8 or 8:30) and has then woken up Sunday morning at 5:50am and this morning and 4:25!!

I am so proud of her, the medicine, Matt's great help, and the grace God has shown us to keep doing what we know to be best for her and to not give up. I'm reminded in the little things like a few hours of sleep that He LOVES US SO MUCH. He does have our best in mind and this is just a phase and we can't always wish away what He's given us. It's in these hard times that I grow the most...isn't what I've been praying He would do?

I love this new song we sing at church....

Thankful I can walk through life with a God is jealous for me and is there in every moment.

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