May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day :)

As I sit here exhausted and know I should be in bed. I couldn't be happier right now. Like the new blog background I just installed. My life has some wrinkles and isn't perfect by any means, but right now I feel extremely blessed. Being a mom isn't easy and yes you're tired A LOT, but the rewards far out way the hard times.

I wouldn't trade my exhaustion or wrinkles in my pictures for anything. It's the little things like Avery turning her head when she hears my voice coming into the room or Grace running up to me after I was out today getting a pedicure for Mother's Day saying, "mommy, mommy"....or that Matt looked up a non-dairy quiche recipe to make today so we could have a nice breakfast tomorrow that I could eat...I am very grateful for all that God has provided. Cause He sure didn't have to make life this great here on earth, but He has so therefore I am extremely grateful to Him for it.

I am also reminded that I am truly blessed to still get to live life with an amazing mother. She's been my rock and inspiration. She has instilled in me values and life lessons that I cannot thank her enough for. I know treating her to a pedicure and splitting a plane ticket to Houston(shhhh she doesn't know yet....she'll know tomorrow after church) is NOT enough, so I'll do my best to pass on to my girls the great things I've learned from her.

She always had a Bible and notes near. There wasn't a week that went by that I didn't catch her praying near her bed or in the bathroom (with 4 kids you had to barricade yourself). She was firm in her discipline because she knew that was what was best and we'd thank her for it later. She had an unconditional love, taught me how to find a good bargain, and always showed me how to live a life that sought to know Christ more and more. She didn't always have the latest and greatest, but she made do with what she had...which meant she had already given us kids most of it.

Thank you mom for your incredible sacrifices and life long dedication to make me who I am today. And a huge thank you and WE MISS YOU to my grandma who also passed on an amazing legacy to my mom. Can't wait to hug you again in heaven.

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