May 10, 2010


So Avery has gained 3.5oz in two days. Saturday night Avery was 9lb 1oz and tonight she was 9lb 4.5oz!! This is so relieving for me and really gets us off the hook of hoping she is gaining enough...I think. I'll know for sure Wed afternoon at our appointment but surely she's back to normal right??

The crazy part of all of this is that Grace was bigger than Avery at this age and started out 2lbs lighter than Avery at birth!!

We had a fun Mother's Day here at the house. Uncle Nathan and Benji came to play with the girls for the day. (They're my younger brothers who think that Grace and Avery are the coolest things ever...Grace thinks they walk on water. Everything they do is hilarious) Matt made a non-dairy quiche, my mom's favorite meal for lunch, and baked a cake for us.

Grace wore this awesome shirt :)

Avery is having a lot more HAPPY awake time. She loves to smile and coo at us. We're still working on her taking a bottle easier so Matt has a better time when I'm out, but it will come...I hope for his sake at least!

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  1. That is the greatest shirt ever and I love Avery's little bow! My niece, Reagan, was born the same day she was and doesn't have enough for a bow yet! :)