May 18, 2010

just keep on keepin on

I just keep plugging away...both girls are doing much better as far as colds. Grace has always slept fine, Avery on the other hand, is being quite difficult. I'm doing my best to stay patient, go to bed early and try and read her cues. She's starting to have a much harder time again with nursing and having green poop. I haven't had dairy in awhile so I'm thinking that it could be wheat or long good food!

Praying God can fix the problem or just give me the strength to make it through happy and a good mom :)

We scored on a tricycle ($5)at a rummage sale this weekend...a wee bit big but Grace is LOVING climbing on it!!

She also loves having her toes of those things I've been waiting to do with my little girl for a long time! If you have socks on she will insist you take them off so she can see your toes to see if they're painted.

Avery's photo shoot didn't go so well this time around. I got a few happy ones and then it was downhill from there.

Thank God for pacifiers and swaddle blankets :)

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