May 20, 2010

Garden of Eden

In talking with a nutritionist this morning we've decided it's time I go on a very simple diet plan...if it wasn't in the Garden of Eden I can't have it....LOL... and add in all the common allergens slowly to see what exactly is bothering Avery. So I'm down to meat, veggies, fruit, brown rice, almond milk, and grains. It's pretty much a gluten free diet for now. Hopefully we'll see a huge difference quickly which we've already seen a good improvement with me limiting dairy and wheat in the last few days.

She thinks Avery's problems are linked to she and I getting antibiotics during delivery because I tested positive for betastrep. Giving babies antibiotics that young can really compromise their digestive track and get it out of wack and lead to problems digesting certain types of foods. And with Grace having issues as well it all adds up perfectly....explaining her colds, ear infections, and acid reflux!!!

Just DON'T ask me to go out to eat with you, invite me over for dinner, come over for dinner cause all the normal good stuff ISN'T on the list!!! She says I'll lose some weight...I expecting to share clothes with Grace by this fall!

I'm not going to complain one bit cause anything is better than seeing your little girl scream after she eats and know that she isn't gaining the weight she should be. So I'll do whatever it takes even if that means I have to give up ice cream, pizza, yogurt, regular bread, oreos, cookies, pretzels, maple and brown sugar instant oatmeal, most cereals, milk, cheese, granola bars, eggs, pancakes, waffles, butter, cupcakes, chimichangas, queso dip, brownies, chocolate, peanut butter...aka 75% of what's in my house :) but I'll take it since I know I'm doing what's best for us all.

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  1. Good luck Amy! My mom is rockin a gluten free diet for the 3rd year now and has really found some great foods - let me know if you need some inspiration for good food that's gluten free!