April 8, 2010

treading water

I feel like I'm treading water most days. I have a lot of things I'm trying to keep going but I feel like I can't quite get to the rescue's in sight, but still in the distance. I think a lot of it is that we're still working out Avery's sleeping during the day. I'm thinking I'm gonna have to strap her to me so she can sleep better cause she's waking up a lot when she's put down and that makes it tough to spend time with Grace and get anything done.

Grace is now 21 months and so grown up to me! She's doing a great job with having a little sister. Now don't get me wrong she has her moments and throws more fits than she used to, but overall she's fine with playing on her own and getting into the pantry when I'm nursing. She's also ok with climbing onto the kitchen table, unrolling the toilet paper, emptying the diaper drawer, and many more things as quiet as she can so that she can accomplish as much as possible before I notice and can get to her :)

Avery's 7wks and a few days and working hard at hanging out on her playmat, holding her head up during tummy time, getting a little snug in newborn outfits, and letting mommy have about a 5-6hr stretch at the beginning of the night.

The girls had a fun Easter weekend. The neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday was looking like it would be in beautiful weather, but turned out to be in cold rain. Avery knew that this would not be fun to be in, so she decided a nap in the stroller would be better :)

Grace loved finding the eggs and then later realizing that eggs have candy in them!!

We had several hunts in the living room that day and Sunday we had a few outside....or should I say we filled and emptied the easter basket over and over vs going and finding eggs.

So even though I'm treading water and it seems like I'm drowning here and there, I know that it is all worth it. I have 2 beautiful and healthy girls that will be great playmates soon. I'm thankful for the times that my mom or Matt throw me a ring to float on for a few hours...I definately need it.

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  1. Hey, you rock! Your head is above water... that's more than I can do!